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Fires & Rain

After the terrible fires it is a great blessing to have rain. I feel the aftermath of the fires in the air, it is as though everyone was at first so grateful to be safe, that they were able to overcome the attachment they had to their physical things being lost, in that moment. But now the holidays approach and no one is really home, and the ashes are settling into the earth, and the real winter of loss has begun.

My heart goes out to my friends and all others who lost their homes, their place in the world, their childhood keepsakes, and worse... It just sucks.

And now it is time to share ourselves, our time, our homes, and do our best to come together and give love to our friends and neighbours, and to all those who are finding themselves displaced and unsettled. Its easy in the midst of the drama,

when the world is watching, to get involved for a day or a week. Much harder when the world moves on to the next headline, to stay attuned to our responsibility to share the burdens of our communities. And so I ask myself, What can I do? How can I be part of the ongoing healing process ?

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