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Poetry Month

Poem a day, 30 days, I'm in!

Day 1.


I did not hear sweet song of birds.

clatter of dishes

I did not arch my bare feet toward the sun.

running shoes on - must get fit

I did not actually run.

folding laundry - stole the hour

I did not see the drawing she thrust in my face.


And spring,

it passed me by

Day 8.

Where does it hurt?

In those


I wouldn't remember

were it not for the music.

Day 17.


we did laugh

fell over laughing

in heaps, on floors...

a spectacle to be sure

bubbling over

with the merriment of youth

and the mischief

of champagne

day 18.


Never all of a sudden

the earth moves

we shift our gaze

and notice something

that isn't new, which

is the most unsteadying bit

Day 22.

Ive noticed

there is a new mark

on my cheek

A fairy kiss, or cancer

And around my eyes

new lines

laughter, or exhaustion

We used to run the red lights

now we wait

Day 27.

I admit

I admit

I am fully responsible

for this mess I'm in

And all I can think about

is cake

Day 28.

Now That's Gratitude!

Someone said to me

I was robbing them

of the opportunity to be useful

and, I

should learn to ask for help

though often,

it is harder to ask for help

than it is to bear

ones own troubles

"fuck off, and mind your own business"

I said

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