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Who Knew?!

An Advent calendar seemed like a simple enough idea, make a Christmasy scene( or solstice..mine has 21 days instead of the traditional 24) cut out some windows and back it with some darling little vignettes.


It turns out the making of the little windows is a feat in itself, especially when you are making hundreds!

After much discussion about laser vs die, I have discovered that I will need a die cut.

The simple explanation is this, the die maker embeds sharp metal rule into a piece of type high board in the shape you desire.

Then you can use the die on a Windmill or even a Platen Press. Die making is skilled craft, it takes time and it's a little expensive.

My brother said he would help me finance the calendars, he is my hero!

They will be done in a week! Im so excited I can't sit still.

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