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MATRIARCH commemorates two great women who held positions of power within the complicated systems that both honoured and enslaved them in their particular roles.

The Queen Elizabeth II and Alice Watson Ford were mothers, grandmothers and great - grandmothers with an immeasurable influence. One a monarch, the other a Jamaican woman, and dedicated queen to her small community, the two women were similarly employed. This book references complex feelings and experiences due to Jamaica once being a colony of Great Britain, an influence which remains ever present. 

This triptych is bound in hand dyed Fair Goat Skiver and tooled with 23 carat gold leaf. The frames hold original intaglio prints depicting images of the two queens. The center has a pocket in which sits a sewn single signature booklet that has been letterpress printed on vintage WH Hodgkinson paper.

5 x 6.5"  (edition of 15) $1500


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