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I believe that words, like spells cast into the world, should be carefully chosen.  There is intention behind each letter, each word, each sentence. As the weight of the words sink deep within the page, I am always struck by the permanence of this action, and the beauty of marks that make meaning out of chaos and ink. While I work I have pause to examine my motives. What am I broadcasting? Who does this benefit? If poems and stories can open portals in and out of other realms, where shall we go together?



The binding of books is a beautiful ritualistic practice.

It is a work full of metaphor, where each stitch is a scaffold in the building of a physical home to my thoughts and feelings. With every fold I commit myself to work deeper, go further. I am working toward creating a visual invitation, an intimate object for the purpose of connection, a permanent bond... a book!

Spell and Bind Press is Based in Sonoma County, California and London UK. I have 12 years as a printer and educator at the North Bay letterpress Arts org, and have recently co-founded Mob Of Two, a collaborative artists' book imprint. 


My work can be seen at the following libraries:

Amherst College, Frost Library, Archives and Special Collections, Amherst, MA.

Baylor University, Special Collections, Waco, TX

The Library of the History of Human Imagination, Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Pennsylvania State University Libraries

University of Miami Libraries Special Collections, Miami, FL

Washington University in Saint Louis, Special Collections, St. Louis, MO.

Loyola, Notre Dame University, MA

Smith college Special Collections, Northampton MA

Cynthia Sears Collection, BIMA, Bainbridge WA

Tufts University, Tisch Library, Medford MA

University of Georgia, Special Collections Library, Athens GA

University of Virginia, Charlottesville VA

Rhode Island School of Design, Fleet Library, Providence RI

The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Evergreen College, James F Holly Library, WA

Ohio University Libraries, Athens OH

University of California Los Angeles, Special Collections, Los Angeles CA

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