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An Arrangement

Trollop, slut, floozy, strumpet. These epithets describe a woman who trades on her charms.

Missus, girlfriend, beloved, betrothed. These might also describe a woman who trades on her charms.

Many sexual relationships have a transactional element, regardless of whether true feeling is present. Financial support is just one of the needs that can be met in such an exchange.

Where does one draw the line between what is criminal and what is celebrated? Why does a contract for permanency elevate the arrangement? 

This book presents a series of portraits on increasingly shabby walls. Reduction prints, sequence and carefully chosen titles point out language’s power to confer respectability. Once named, a relationship takes its position on the spectrum of morality.

We reject the stigma placed on women outside of marriage who choose to use their own bodies as currency. We acknowledge the many different circumstances in which one might encounter or offer Love for Sale.

5.5” x 9.5” when closed. Drum leaf binding with flyaway spine and cover cutout. Printed with letterpress, monotype, and linoleum reduction prints. Inserted giclee prints of eleven original paintings. Edition of 20. $1800.

A  Mob of Two


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